Her mission is to equip woman with the tools necessary to love themselves, and increase their confidence based on biblical principles.


Her motto is every woman is a Queen, and she is living in one of three stages of this truth:

  1. She has not discovered she is a Queen yet.

  2. She is in the process of learning how to gain full access to their royal inheritance.

  3. She already have this Royal state of mind; she is operating in excellence with good intention, and living in both expectation and abundance.


Originally born in Queens, NY, and raised in Orlando, FL, Tricia Love Vargas is most passionate about helping encourage others to live a life full of purpose. She is a living testament to the concept, "You can do anything you put your mind to." Raised by a single mother who showed her an example of independence, overcoming near-death experiences, and the virtue of living by faith and not by sight, her outlook on life is truly one of a kind.

Her industry experience includes fashion styling and event production for a vast number of years in Los Angeles, this work was contracted through her boutique fashion and event production agency, L.A. Style House.  


In 2015 she ventured into media, acquiring with partners and reintroducing the legendary Los Angeles lifestyle publication from the 1980's, L.A. STYLE Magazine to market. She repurposed the magazine to have a focus on inspirational content, with the intention to bridge fashion and luxury living with philanthropy. 


As a Latina, of Puerto Rican descent, she understands the importance of cultural diversity and places this as a high priority within L.A. STYLE Magazine. 

In addition to her venture in media, she is passionate about public speaking to help encourage individuals to dig deeper within themselves to discover and live out their God give gifts and walk in full confidence with the gifts of which they have been entrusted. She has shared the stage with and interviewed some of the greatest leaders of today including: Tim Storey Celebrity Life Coach, Lili Bosse 2X Mayor of Beverly Hills, Massy Arias Digital Media Maven, to name a few.

With the belief that every woman is a queen, her mission is to equip women with the tools necessary to increase their confidence, based on biblical principles and spiritual laws. Tricia explained, "I aspire to be a beacon of hope, to remind people that they are more than conquers, that no matter the adversity they can overcome it if they focus on the positive, set a goal and keep their eye on the prize. This is an affirmation I hold close to my heart, derived from the scripture Romans 8:31." To further share encouragement and teach principles of confidence she recently wrote a book, a daily devotional based on biblical principles, which is currently available for pre-order titled Royalty: The Scripture Unveiled.


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Tricia Love Vargas is responsible for casting vision, developing relationships and new media strategy, as Publisher & Managing Partner in L.A. STYLE Magazine. After years in the fashion and event production industry, in 2015 she ventured into media, acquiring with partners to reintroduce the legendary Los Angeles lifestyle publication from the 1980's, L.A. STYLE Magazine, back to market. She established a new direction for the magazine focusing on inspirational content, with the intention to bridge fashion and luxury living with philanthropy. 

Tricia Love has interviewed and featured exclusives with some of the greatest leaders of the world from a variety of industries, including Oprah Winfrey, Ava DuVernay, Akon, Ryan Blair, Tim Storey, Lilli Bosse, Elena Cardone, Michael Franzese, Danelle Delgado, Massy Arias, Ed Mylett, David Meltzer, Vivica Fox, David Tutera, Susan Lucci, Brad Lea, Albert Preciado, Ryan Blair, Kym Whitley and Paula White, to name a few.


L.A. STYLE’s reputation dates back over three decades due to its strong celebrity influence from inception. L.A. STYLE Magazine represents the contemporary rebirth of the popular '80s publication, which featured only the crème de la crème, the illustrious and sought after icons in the industry, including: Naomi Campbell, Madonna, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe.


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